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Licenses – Inside Information, Examples, Q&A

 For some professions the proper license, certification, or accreditation is a requirement. Employers must be able to scan your resume and find this information quickly. Use this section to list any licenses, certification, accreditation, or any legally required documents relevant to your job target. Listing credentials is essential for those in the medical, legal, engineering, finance, accounting, real estate, teaching, counseling, and other professions that are governed by licensure. If you need a Green Card or Work Visa to qualify for a job, you would list that information here as well.


License requirements vary by state. If you have moved or you are planning a move to another state, be sure to check with the appropriate board or licensing agency in the state in which you are applying for work. Make sure you are aware of all licensing requirements. Be sure that the information you list is completely accurate. Locate copies of your licenses and certifications and check the dates and names of the accrediting body.


Insider Tip:  If you have applied for a license but have not yet received it, list the license or certificate on your resume and use the expected issue month/year as the date for the certification or use the statement “in progress” or “pending approval.”

Licenses - Examples


·         Certified Director of Nursing Administrator / Long Term Care (CDONA/LTC)

·         Geriatrician Nurse Certificate (GNC)

·         California Nurses Association, 2010-2012

·         Home and Hospital Association



·         A+ Certification (Service Technician)

·         Network Certified (Network Technician)

·         Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)




Level II Candidate in the CFA Program


Certified Public Accountant, State of Maine (2003)


Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter (CPCU)

Licenses - Questions & Answers

Are there any licenses or certifications I should not include?


You should only include those licenses or certifications that are relevant to your job target.


What if my license or certification is no longer valid?


If licenses or certifications are an important part of your work history and will make you a more attractive candidate, then include even expired licenses on your resume as a record of past knowledge or experience. Discuss whether you are currently working on renewing your license at the interview.


What if I my license or certification is from another country?


List your license or certification, the organization that it was issued by along with the country location and, if appropriate, the date you received it. Then, in parentheses next to the license or certification, describe what its equivalent would be in the United States. Be aware that a license from another country may not be valid in South Africa.