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As an alternative to an Objective section of your resume, use a Job Target section that will call attention to the position you are seeking. A job target also provides a headline of the position you are qualified for without taking up much space on your resume.

Insider Tip: If there are several positions you are qualified for, all with similar names, then include these career fields or names on the same line as follows:


Product Marketing Manager / Brand Manager / Senior Marketing Director

Job Title - Examples - Targeting a specific job

Product Marketing Manager/Brand Manager/Senior Marketing Director


Senior & Executive

Job Title - Questions & Answers

Should I tailor my Job Target for each position?


A resume that is tailored for each individual job opening has the highest probability of success in landing the interview. Consider targeting your resume for each company that you are seriously interested in. Minor changes to your job objective may not require a re-write of your resume. However, if your job target changes significantly, ensure that the skills, abilities and experience described in your resume demonstrate that you are qualified for the position.


Should I include a Job Target?


The majority of employers prefer to quickly determine whether you are a good fit for the position. If you are applying for that directly match your qualifications, then including a headline that matches your job objective will be enough to get your resume to the right place.