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Here are some helpful answers that will give you insight on becoming a volunteer. 

The aim of being a volunteer is to get access to all the products Airdaise as to offer. In this way You will be adding to your CV and experience.

To become a volunteer you will need to have a cell phone/ laptop, access to social media platforms eg. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc and be joined to at least 5 job groups on these social media platforms. 

No,  you will not be receiving a payment in the form of money but rather for every job post you share you will be allocated with points and once you have reached a certain number of points you will have access to download rewards from Airadise Job board. 



Here are some helpful answers that will give you insight on how to share job posts. 

We are giving you the opportunity to login into Airadise job board and you can choose any job that is currently active on our job board and share to your social media job groups. To find jobs in Airadise click on this link:


Step 1: Scroll down to the end of any job post page

Step 2: Follow the arrow and use any of the share buttons located in this area to share jobs to social media.

Step 3: Once you press any of these share buttons it will take you directly to your social media to share the job posts.

There is No set limit to how many jobs you can share. So this being said you can share as many times as you would like. But remember the more you share the more points you will receive and the faster you will be able to purchase higher tier products.



Here are some helpful answers that will give you insights on how the points system works. 

Points are used as tokens to exchange for Social Rewards.

Every time you share a job post you will be awarded with 10 points. The more job posts you share the more points you will gain.

Every time you share a job your points get added to your profile. Please click this link to show you the amount of points you have accumulated: 

We will also have a top 10 leader board for the most points, this will be displayed every month. Remember you could be a part of our top 10!



Here are some helpful answers that will give you insights on what rewards are and how to use them.

Rewards can be given to you once you have enough tokens to be exchanged for these rewards. Some of our rewards include Certifactes, Front pages, Cover Letters etc.

Once you reach 800 points you are able to purchase our Cover Letter. You can go to the rewards page and click the buy now button and your Cover Letter or any other reward you want will download. So you need a certain amount of points to download each product.